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Articles in the Toolbox
Starting EQ Projects by Joshua Freedman Ideas on why to start and EQ project, and five important lessons we’ve learned starting Six Seconds.
EQ Leadership by Todd Everett An outline to help reflect on the skills and qualities of an emotionally intelligent leader.
Emotional Subtext by Joshua Freedman An article on the emotional part of the everyday communication and its impact on our relations to other people. Everything isn’t what it sounds like and we better be aware what we actually are communicating by those well-meaning words.
EQ Project Examples by Joshua Freedman A brief description of several EQ initiatives growing around the world.
Six Seconds School Practices by Joshua Freedman, Anabel Jensen, Marsha Rideout Yen key ways of incorporating EQ into a school. These practices are open-ended, they can be used by an individual teacher or parent, by an administrator, or ideally by all the stakeholders in the school.
Emotional Intelligence – Beyond Counseling by Joshua Freedman and Anabel L. Jensen, Ph.D. Emotional intelligence must find its way into the world of education and upbringing as today’s kids face a social environment more challenging than ever before. The article suggests ways to do this and is a must-read for all teachers with a desire to address today’s burning issue – the growth of the next generation.
The Isle of Play by Anabel L. Jensen, Ph.D. “Play is the way we encounter our world most openly.” says Anabel L Jensen in this article on the connection between play, learning and creativity. Society still faces the challenge to reconsider play for what it really is, namely a source for learning about life and the world around us, and this article is an effort in that direction.
EQ for Families by Joshua Freedman The family is likely to be the greatest of all social paradoxes, providing room both for inner peace and furious conflicts. But like everything else, the family life can be nurtured and this article gives strategies to do so.
Other Related Articles
Researched Benefits of EQ A listing of over 50 specific, cited reasons why EQ is essential for quality life, school, and workplace.
Emotional Intelligence: The Cornerstone For Positive Change This speech by Karen McCown summarizes the need for emotional intelligence in education, and provides specific recommendations.
2000-2001 Self-Science EQ Curriculum Pilot Study
If you are presenting the value of emotional intelligence instruction, or Self-Science in particular, this report provides compelling data!
Not in Three Lifetimes: Balancing the ‘To Do’ List
A strategy for prioritizing your time — by starting with the fact that you will never finish the work you have set out to accomplish.
Guidelines for Securing Organizational Support For EI
Eight tips from the Consortium for Research on Emotional Intelligence in Organizations on how to bring EQ into a business.
EQ.ORG Article List Additional article links from EQ.ORG, the internet’s EQ Directory.